John H. Kazanjian



As founding President of The West Hollywood Sheriff’s Booster

Club, I invite you to Become a Member and Join us in supporting the men and women who work and volunteer at the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station.

The staff and volunteers at the station are doing the best job possible with the resources they have. And, while we are well-served by our Sheriff’s Station, imagine how much better it could be with additional equipment, supplies and funding for programs and events that bridge our Sheriff’s Station to the community.

The West Hollywood Sheriff’s Booster has been contributing to our Sheriff’s Station for over 10 years. With your involvement, we will be able to accomplish even more for the men and women of the station, many of whom put their lives on the line for our safety and to preserve the quality of life in our city.

Please Join the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Booster Club. Your membership and participation will make a difference.